NEW - Vp Globe Glass

NEW - Vp Globe Glass

Verner Panton
Designed in the 1970s, Verner Panton's VP light from the Panto series is controlled, transparent, and illuminates from all sides. Encircled in an airy bubble which gives the light optimum working conditions and shows its best advantage in space, the light discs above and below the shielded bulb allows variation and adaptation of the light to fit the space. And they show Verner Panton's great feeling for the technical aspects and materials, as well as the opportunities to play on light and colour: "Colour planning is crucial in the design of an environment. It is not enough to say that red is red and blue is blue. I work generally parallel with the colours if tones follow each other in the spectrum. Then I can control the room's cold and warm character and create a certain mood."
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